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  • Yutaka Product Range
  • New Crop Rice
  • Izumo Soba
  • New Sauces
  • Yuzu Citrus seasoning & Sushi Kit for 2
  • Yutaka Edamame and chicken are now available in Waitrose
  • Yutaka Sushi Rice New Crop Promotion 2

    (20th December 2014 – 28th February 2015)
    The new crop of Yutaka rice is in season! Buy a bag of Yutaka Sushi Rice 5kg, get a FREE Yutaka Soy Sauce 150ml bottle! Includes Wheat/Gluten Free and Reduced Salt Soy Sauce. This offer...

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  • Yutaka Social Media Bi-Monthly Competition VIII

    Yutaka December Competition – VIII New Year is one of the most important holidays in Japan. Bonenkai or ‘forget the year’ parties are held with the idea of leaving the old year's worries and troubles behind and looking towards a...

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About us

Our History and Philosophy


fun easy

Fun & easy

We aim to make Yutaka cooking and eating fun...



Ethical Trading

We believe in food sustainability...




People loved the taste of Japan-easy...


Products to make JAPAN-EASY

  • Organic Genmaicha (Japanese-style organic
  • Bamboo Chopsticks 8 Pairs
  • IZUMO SOBA (Japanese semi-dried buckwheat noodles)
  • Yuzu Citrus Seasoning 100 ml
  • WAKAME 40g
  • Reduced Salt Soy Sauce 150 ml
  • Japanese mellow yellow miso soup (AWASE flavour)
  • Organic Miso Paste 300 g
  • Instant Miso Soup Vegetarian 7.5 g (1 serving)
  • White Roasted Sesame Seeds 100g
  • Japanese White Konnyaku 220g
  • Meal kit for making sushi rolls
  • Wasabi Paste 43 g
  • Nigiri
  • Sushi Rice Originario
  • Sushi Nori Seaweed 11 g (5 sheets)
  • Yakiniku Sauce with a hint of garlic
  • Organic Tamari Soy Sauce 150 ml
  • Japanese Rice Vinegar 150 ml
  • Japanese rich red miso soup (AKADASHI Flavour)
  • Japanese Brown Shirataki Noodles 170g
  • Udon Noodles 250 g
  • PANKO Japanese-style breadcrumbs
  • Soba Noodles 250 g
  • Wasabi Peas 100 g
  • Wakame Miso Soup 5 sachets 90 g
  • Sushi Ginger 190 g
  • Miso Sauce with a hint of sesame
  • Organic Sencha (Japanese-style organic green tea)
  • Japanese White Shirataki Noodles 170g
  • Ready Salted Edamame with Pod 400 g
  • Mirin Seasoning 150 ml
  • Black Roasted Sesame Seeds 100g
  • Instant Miso Soup 7.5 g (1 serving)
  • Japanese Brown Konnyaku 220g
  • 12 Chicken Gyoza 240g
  • Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat
  • Cooking Sake 220 ml
  • Tempura Batter Mix 150 g