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Yutaka Social Media Competition XXV


JUDGE Family Rice Cooker

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Great British Sushi Search Launches For International Sushi Day


GB SushiSearch

There’s the California Roll, the Hawaiian Roll and Norway introduced salmon to Japan and sushi in the 70s. So Yutaka – www.yutaka.co/en - the UK’s largest producer and distributor of authentic Japanese food has decided it is time the Brits developed a patriotic sushi of their own.

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Yutaka Social Media Competition XXIV

WIN a Vonshef XL Teppanyaki Grill

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Yutaka Social Media Competition XXIII

Cutting Edge Competition

WIN two Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knives and the Kyocera Perfect Peeler worth £110 in total.

It’s competition time once again…

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Yutaka Social Media Competition XXII


WIN a Heston Blumenthal Sage Multi Cooker AND recipe books from a range of top chefs, for a prize draw worth over £150.

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Discover healthy products at the Booths healthy eating roadshow! Visit the store for a chance to win a Yutaka sushi kit


Join our sushi tasting session in selected Booths stores on the 27th and 28th of January. We will be demonstrating how to make rolled sushi aka “hosomaki sushi” with a selection of fillings such as smoked salmon, cucumber and carrot!

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Yutaka Social Media Competition XXI


With our range of authentic Japanese products on offer in Sainsbury’s this month, we’re giving you the chance to win a £100 Sainsbury’s gift card! Indulge in all the sushi you could possibly dream of and give your favourite recipes a Japanese twist with ingredients such as sesame seeds, yuzu citrus seasoning and miso paste that will get your taste buds singing.

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Yutaka new crop sushi rice


2Banner 2 dec2015

Yutaka new crop sushi rice originario 5kg is available in

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Yutaka Social Media Competition XX


Eating al desko will never be the same again with these ridiculously kawaii (cute) bento boxes. Bento is essentially next level lunch, with Japanese meals including sushi, omelettes, and chicken teriyaki packed into predictably convenient containers.  

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Yutaka Social Media Competition XVIIII


Christmas trees are so 2014 – this year we’re all about the beautiful Bonsai. The most famous 500 year old tree is officially a National Treasure in Japan, where growing bonsai is considered an art form.

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